Is There a Place for European Roulette?

The dominance of the American version of the game has placed the position of European roulette in jeopardy.  You might be forgiven for thinking that the American version is the original game whereas in reality this is merely a version of the original game. It is important to consider all the important distinctions that are […]

The Quirks in American Roulette

It is almost shocking to think that American roulette is the later version. It has overtaken European roulette because of the house edge that is in the latter version. Unless you are specifically interested in the history behind the alternative, there is no reason why American roulette will not be your first choice. The wheel […]

Understand the Basic Roulette Techniques

The gambling game known as roulette has achieved iconic status due to the fact that it mixes fortune with actual skill development. It is one of the games that have undergone evolution from the French versions right up to the current USA versions. It has also been successful in the online arena due to the […]