Know Simple Blackjack Strategy to be a Blackjack Pro

You may find the rules of blackjack in various books and sites; but knowing all the rules of the blackjack will not confirm that you would win the blackjack house. The thing which is needed to win a blackjack house is the blackjack strategies. Without knowing the strategies for the blackjack, it is almost impossible […]

Learn How to Crush the Online Blackjack House

If you want to play a game for profit, then online blackjack is the game, you are looking for. But this game is not every one’s cup of tea. Most of the players lose money playing blackjack game. That is only because those players are lazy at learning the game of blackjack. They don’t have […]

Best Strategy for Black Jack

Any casino you go, online casino or offline casino, you will always find the blackjack tables filled with gamblers. Blackjack is not only the most interesting game of the casinos, but it also the most popular game. To win a blackjack house, you need to know the best blackjack strategy. Most of the people lose […]

Rules to Win a Game of Black Jack – 2

Rule No. 10 – Most of the novice players do not understand the concept of doubling down. It is important for all the players to know, when to do the doubling down. You should know the rules of the doubling down of the particular casino, where you are playing the game of blackjack. You may […]

Rules to Win a Game of Black Jack – 1

Rule No. 1 – Never gamble with more than what you could afford. Always go casino with that much money, what you can afford lose without affecting your lifestyle. Rule No. 2 – You can make limitless money by playing blackjack, if you remain sane at the time of playing. Never use more alcohol at […]

The Super Fun 21 Blackjack Variation

When you decide to play the Super Fun 21 blackjack variation, there is an assumption that you will enjoy your sojourn to the maximum. This is a game that is open to interpretation but the basic flavor of the play is not lost for the players.  It is a very popular addition to the repertoire […]

The Pontoon Blackjack Variation

There are different benefits that you can get from the Pontoon blackjack variation. It has something unique to bring to the table and removes the monotony that can be associated with the original game. In some circles this version has been considered to be the early version of British blackjack. The internet is fertile ground […]

The Switch Blackjack Variation

The Switch blackjack variation has the advantage of having a low house edge. Playtech and Grand Virtual are responsible for offering this product. The play can be a bit slower than normal but that means that you are not in danger of frittering away all your winnings within a matter of seconds. This is a […]

The Perfect Pairs Blackjack Variation

The Perfect Pairs blackjack variation is an interesting addition to the game in general. It is a game that has gained worldwide respect despite the fact that it is merely a variation of another very popular game. It is advisable to start off with the basics of blackjack before you move on to the variations. […]

Vegas Strip as a Variation of Blackjack

The development of the Vegas strip blackjack variation has been an important indicator of where the industry is at in terms of responding to the needs of customers. This is yet another indicator of the new developments within the game and how they affect the ways in which people play it. You need to understand […]